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Nothing says ‘wardrobe revamp’ quite like the first signs of spring. The warm sunshine, bright blue skies and crisp fresh air will have you feeling rejuvenated and ready for a style shift! Yes, that’s right - it’s time to finally kiss goodbye to jeans and find that perfect Easter dress. Perhaps it’s the endorphins from all of that chocolate, but there is something about Easter that is refreshing, energizing and mood boosting. Fortunately, the two key trends for spring/summer 2014 ti

It's Easter! That means many things to our diverse Nistas, but there is one fashion tradition that m
Once again it is time to talk about our favorite subject - Shoes. We're talking hot and sexy shoes.
Easter is more than painting eggs, hiding eggs and the Easter bunny. Easter is also fashion, accesso
There's are a lot of Nista Moms out searching high and low right now for great deals in Easter attir
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Remember J.Lo' infamous green Versace dress that she wore at the 2000 Grammys? Nistas, the plunge
I know ... I know... When you hear spring you think vibrant, romantic, sensual colors.... your laven
Along with spring and warmer weather also comes rain. We may not have a downpour today, but as alway
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Happy St. Patrick's Day to our Nistas of Irish descent!  For some we go all out and for others we j
Seasons come and go and new collections do too, but what about the night? With a stylish spring ki
It’s time to ditch our stylish outerwear, our bulky long johns, tube socks, sweaters, scarfs and o
Nista Needs
to Know...
The sun will soon be shining, soon enough there will not be a cloud in the sky and yes you will be a
Hello Beautiful Nistas… What’s your plan to stay beautiful and young forever?  Perhaps we cou
We have received numerous requests from our female Nista’s to provide them with information on
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Moving on up.... how would you like to live in a condo in the sky? Hot, sexy and modernly fashionabl
Another celebrity entering the ever changing and cut throat world of fashion but is her fashion good
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