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Introducing the ultimate experience in fashion. This is your outlet for fashion and fun with friends. Join our all-crowdsourcing – virtual style magazine experience for what’s up in fashion. We are so up on fashion, we had to be called Mesonista. You are the Fashionista… “You’re So Nista!!!”

Spring is great! It’s when the flowers start to bloom and the floral patterns start to pop up in fashion. It’s also the time for Easter rabbits, chocolate eggs and pastels, but this year promises to be different. Gone are the pastels that we are so used to…. 2015 Easter fashion trends are about bright colors that will make every egg hunt all the more fun to join!!   For Nista Kids: Easter is especially fun for Nista kids, they get to run around searching for eggs and reaping the

Nistas, it's time for family, Easter meals, church, the Easter bunny and the Easter egg hunt and mo
Ahh! Finally, spring is approaching in New York and I am so happy. International and Statewide Nista
Spring is almost here and we're absolutely sure you are ready for our Spring 2015 Fashion Trends. Bu
Nistas what’s a fabulous outfit without an accessory to really complete the look? Let’s go do
Hey Nistas, time to bring out the four leaf clovers with hopes that it will bring us a pot of gold o
Spring Break is here Nistas! So you're off to live it up and forget about stress and classes and...
Nistas, we have good news for those who prefer the casual look and avoid heels as much as possible.
Nistas, I know we're getting excited… No longer are the cold days outside.  The sun is beginning
Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and you have a date—YES! So what do you wear for this aw
Ok so Valentine’s Day is here and everyone is buzzing around busy booking up plans for their signi
Valentine’s Day will soon be here to be celebrated by young and old. Although we often tell our lo
Whoa baby, its cold outside but the wedge heel boots are heating up these cold days with amazing sty
Guess what Nistas? It’s time to hit the virtual wings of travel to “the land down under”. Next
Calling all Nistas... I know you will love this virtual tour; especially because the weather outside
One of the reasons we love writing about fashionable countries is because when people think of fashi
Bienvenidos a España Nistas, welcome to Barcelona, Spain; the next stop on our fashionable count
Benvenuti in Italia! Welcome to the next fashionable country on our Virtual World Tour.  Next St
Yes, we are on our fabulous virtual worldwide fashion tour... next stop - JAPAN. We can’t get e
Weddings are special events that take months of planning and expectation. Usually, one of the first
With spring comes warm weather, birds chirping, leaves changing and oh yes, Weddings. Now you have a
How to Make Your Wedding TRUE BLOOD Beautiful! Are you a fan of the macabre? Do you quote chara
Not every bride wants to be a princess, but wedding magazines don’t seem to understand that.
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Valentine’s Day only comes once a year, so it should be special and can certainly be fun! Makeover
Nistas our celebrity crush this month is Jennifer Lawrence. For those who are not aware of her accom
Nista Guys The world of fashion trends has historically focused more on women, and it wasn't unti
Christmas is, without doubt, the most festive of seasons, and what better way to celebrate than with