MesoNista Fashion Style Guide!
Introducing the ultimate experience in fashion. This is your outlet for fashion and fun with friends. Join our all-crowdsourcing – virtual style magazine experience for what’s up in fashion. We are so up on fashion, we had to be called Mesonista. You are the Fashionista… “You’re So Nista!!!”

Every girl likes shoes, right, Nistas? But shoes aren't the only statement pieces in our closets; bags are a close second to shoes and I'm so excited to get to share these trends with you. Von Ruhtenberg is a great designer label with a focus on quality and memorable, unique pieces. The designer, Tyler Von Ruhtenberg, loves interesting materials that leave us with our jaws open which is why, she's being featured on mesonista! Remember her name, because she will be everywhere. This year will b

What's a hot look without a fabulous hairstyle to follow to complete your look? Whether you do the n
Fall is coming! Isn't that fantastic? I don’t know about you, but fall happens to be my favorite s
What do we wear when it’s chilly, not that cold out, but it's sunny and warm? Wear a sweater? A co
Nista New Yorkers, at last it looks as if summer is winding down from the 90 degree weather we have
I don't know about you Nistas, but as the weather cools down and those long days at the beach become
Labor Day is here! Time to get out of the office to celebrate our accomplishments. We each make cont
Nistas, we've been receiving a lot of emails from you asking for our top picks of high end designers
Calling all student Nistas! It’s time to head back to school – and whilst we’re sure you are a
Ingrid & Timothy In April of 2013, Ingrid & Timothy started their lives together over an un
Let's talk Hair, Nistas! No, not the everyday hairstyle... We're talking hairstyles for your Very Sp
Any “brides-to-be” out there who may be considered a dreamer? Did you preplan your wedding witho
To be honest, there is nothing on your wedding day that you really need. Well, I take that back...
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Yes, we are on our fabulous virtual worldwide fashion tour... next stop - JAPAN. We can’t get e
Welcome Nistas to our fashion worldwide tour where we explore the most fashionable countries...we
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The sun will soon be shining, soon enough there will not be a cloud in the sky and yes you will be a
Hello Beautiful Nistas… What’s your plan to stay beautiful and young forever?  Perhaps we cou
We have received numerous requests from our female Nista’s to provide them with information on
Here are a few tips to help you on that stressful interview day in order to make the whole experienc