MesoNista Fashion Style Guide!
Introducing the ultimate experience in fashion. This is your outlet for fashion and fun with friends. Join our all-crowdsourcing – virtual style magazine experience for what’s up in fashion. We are so up on fashion, we had to be called Mesonista. You are the Fashionista… “You’re So Nista!!!”

It's time to count down our top picks for 2015. And, we are so looking forward to adding these items to our fashionable Nista Closet of Style.  Check out these pieces from designer ELEONORA AMOSOVA because the first must have 2015 pick on our list is - Suede: This suede belted coat from Eleonora Amosova has a great spot in our closet…especially with Valentine’s Day just around the corner…checkmate!  The red headband pulls everything together nicely too. Why stop there? The velvety

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