MesoNista Fashion Style Guide!
Introducing the ultimate experience in fashion. This is your outlet for fashion and fun with friends. Join our all-crowdsourcing – virtual style magazine experience for what’s up in fashion. We are so up on fashion, we had to be called Mesonista. You are the Fashionista… “You’re So Nista!!!”

Labor Day is here! Time to get out of the office to celebrate our accomplishments. We each make contributions to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of the good ole’ USA. So it makes sense that so many people take off on this well-deserved holiday. It's the last great day of summer and the last chance to wear that knock-out two piece. Am I right Nistas? So let us  bid farewell to the end of summer and talk about what we all really want to discuss -- what to wear! First, where to go sh

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Any “brides-to-be” out there who may be considered a dreamer? Did you preplan your wedding witho
To be honest, there is nothing on your wedding day that you really need. Well, I take that back...
Literally, if you don’t have any money and believe me, there are plenty of couples who have willin
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Hey Nista's, welcome back to our world tour. We have just crowned NY, NY as the number 1 fashionab
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The sun will soon be shining, soon enough there will not be a cloud in the sky and yes you will be a
Hello Beautiful Nistas… What’s your plan to stay beautiful and young forever?  Perhaps we cou
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